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Last night’s run was really good, so I am motivated and enjoying it again! I managed 2.6 miles, so am getting closer to my goal of being able to run 3.1 miles (5km). Once I can do it comfortably on the treadmill I will attempt to do it outside, which I know will be quite different.

I made another bag this week for a custom order. The original bag I made for this order did not work out as I had hoped, but this one is great. It is an across the body bag with 2 outside pockets and several inside pockets for cell phone, pens, notebook etc and a key clip. It makes a great weekender bag and is really comfortable to carry.

Custom across the body bag

Milly’s 2nd birthday is coming up and I am working on a few things for her. I have started a “Happy Birthday Milly” banner, well, to be accurate, I have made a “Milly” banner. I will work on the “Happy Birthday” part soon!

part 1 of the birthday bannerI finally got my mending basket out of the closet today and am going to work on clearing it out tonight while we watch a film. Now I know where all my winter tights have gone! Pip was happy to find her favourite skirt, so I promised to fix it for her.

We have ordered a new, more efficient front-loading washer dryer pair, which I am very excited about. We have been saving up and looking around and thought we had finally made a decision, then stopped in one more place and found a different set that will work out in our space. We should get them in a week or so, so we are going to get the old ones out and paint the space this weekend. Unfortunately, our dishwasher also gave up the ghost last week, so we have had to replace that too. It is going to be a busy weekend!

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