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The Winking Frog

If you are interested in checking out our pumpkin carvings for this year, please hop on over to The Winking Frog! Love to see you there!

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It is a glorious, sunny day and we’ll be out enjoying the festivities. It is also 8 years since my husband first came to Canada and fell in love with the place (thank goodness!). Arriving on Canada Day and celebrating at the park, seeing happy people, listening to music, eating good food, great weather and a wonderful atmosphere sealed the deal and he proposed a few days later!

Today is also a big day for us as my brother arrives from Australia today. We haven’t seen him for two years and we are all very excited. I hope he isn’t too tired from his long journey because the girls have plans for him! They have been waiting for someone to play football with them. Not just anyone, someone who has skill!

Will pop back later and post some pics of the fun!

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These are the finished pieces for a custom order. I made some changes since my last post, adding some additional embellishment to the tutu and to a little vest to complete the set. It must be a winner, as my daughter wants one too, but, of course, she wants to pick her own colours!

Felt birthday crown

Felt birthday crown

Custom birthday set

Custom birthday set

Tomorrow marks one year since my friends, Ann and Karen, opened their scrapbooking studio. They are holding an Open House event from 3pm-6pm, followed by a crop. If you are interested in finding out more, please check out their website, EllaBella Designs. If you are in the Nanaimo area, please stop by and be inspired!

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My sewing space revamp

It was starting to feel a little cramped in my sewing space, so I have swapped the wheeled office chair for a dining chair, just to see how it goes. It was a really big chair and I had my cutting table really close so I could reach everything easily, but it meant that I never had to get up. It was nice in a way to close off the space so the girls knew the boundary between the play area and my work space, but they know it now and, to be honest, I needed a change! I love to move things around, so I have shifted the table to the other side of the patio door and now there is space for the girls to play and draw next to me. I now am forced to get up and stretch when I need to cut something, which is a good thing! It is perhaps not the best view from the living room, but this is no showhome! We are thinking about putting up a curtain between the rooms as it will provide a backdrop for photographs, close the room off when we need to and will also give the girls a “stage” for their performances.

My sewing space

This way there is more room for the ironing board when I need to press larger items than can be accommodated on the sleeveboard. The suitcase in the bottom right hand corner is for carrying my stock when I need to show it to anyone outside the house. There are quite a few projects lined up on the cutting table, from a handbag that I need to get lining for, to bibs, aprons and crayon rolls for birthday gifts.

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Oh what fun!

We are having a lovely day! The girls were so excited to see that Santa had been. They slept until 7.30, s0 it was quite a civilized morning! We gathered in the lounge to watch them open their stockings. Milly loved the baby doll, but then discarded her in favour of the box of After Eights sitting on the table! They both had colouring and activity books, a little bit of chocolate, underwear, toiletries (nail polish for Pip and bubble bath for Milly) and a set of paint brushes.

They had a quick bowl of cereal while I prepped the veggies and got the chickens in the oven, then we came back up to open presents. They are such good girls. There were no tears or complaints or criticisms and it has been a great day, relaxing together and enjoying the holiday. We don’t have piles of wrapping paper to throw away, which is nice! They didn’t think it was odd to have presents wrapped in pillowcases and in fabric bags. They received a couple of beautiful dresses each, books, a few toys and some handmade things. The girls gave us a beautiful framed photograph taken a couple of weeks ago. We are going to make it a tradition to have a family picture each Christmas and display them all in a card holder. I hope I remember that next year!

Dinner was delicious. We haven’t had dessert yet, as we were too full from roast chicken and all the trimmings.

Time to get back to the movie. Merry Christmas, again!

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Greetings from snowy Nanaimo! It has been snowing on and off for a week and we have another weather warning for tonight. Another 10-20cm of snow, more on Tuesday and Wednesday. Should be a white Christmas at last!

I went downstairs to make our morning cup of tea today and found that the pipe bringing water into the house had frozen, so no tea!! Just not right. It did get hubby out of bed pretty quickly though! He managed to sort things out and hopefully that will be the end of it and we won’t have any cracked pipes. It was -19C last night, so hardly surprising that there is a bit of a nip in the air.

snow rest for the wicked

Christmas lights 1

Christmas lights 2

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Hello, I’m a Mac.

Yippee! I cannot tell you how lovely my new machine is. I did know all the crucial technical details, but they all went straight out of my head when I sat down to start learning my way around. Wow. I have used a PC for several years and knew my way around pretty well…until we bought a new laptop with an operating system which shall remain nameless. It was painful at times. My husband is a very technically-minded fellow (aka a geek) and has been raving about Macs for quite some time. And now I have one!!! So far, so good. It is so aesthetically pleasing, quick, logical and it can actually cope with doing more than one thing at once. What a novel idea….

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