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Nothing much to talk about right now! I am having trouble sleeping, which is unusual. Everyone else is sleeping peacefully, but I am sure Milly will be awake soon. It is actually really nice to have quiet time in the morning. I like to be able to get up before the children and get myself sorted for the day. It is so much more pleasant than being dragged from sleep by the sound of the crib side being rattled and the yell of “Mummy, wee wee!”. That said, it is awesome that our little one has grasped using the toilet so quickly. It took less that 2 weeks of no diapers during the day and running back and forth to the bathroom for her to be accident-free! Yay for dry floors!

I have been working on a custom bag order and it hasn’t worked out very well. It is the first time I have been seriously unhappy about one I have made and it is really bugging me. Going to have to give this one to my Mum and start again. I hope Mum doesn’t mind a dud! The structure is fine, but the topstitching is uneven, right where it is most visible. I will not sell things I am not totally happy with, but I will hopefully learn some lessons from this experience. My problem now is choosing a fabric in my stash that might be suitable to a 23 year old woman, who I have never met! That was the only guideline I was given and I have no idea if my taste will appeal to her at all. The fabric I originally choose was great, as it was a pattern of circles woven in black, then I used colourful fabric for the lining and pockets. The outer fabric was not particularly nice to sew with, though, hence the difficulties. A bit too stiff and, to be honest, a little too synthetic. As much as I love the fabric store, I think a third visit this week might be pushing the endurance limits of my little girl! And the staff might start to suspect that I have “issues”!

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