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I made another hat using the hat pattern my Nicole Mallalieu and I love it! I altered the crown height slightly to suit me better. I used raspberry coloured corduroy for the exterior and a heavy purple satin print for the lining. I found the piece of satin at a thrift store late last year for 75 cents! It is a beautiful fabric and will make a gorgeous lining for a handbag too.

Raspberry corduroy hat

Raspberry corduroy hat with upturned brim


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Happy New Year one and all! May it be the best yet!

2009 has been challenging on some fronts, but enormously satisfying and fulfilling on others. I anticipate a wonderful year ahead! I am starting the new year off with a bright new hat to bring cheer on these wet and grey days. I used the adult hat pattern by Nicole Mallalieu and made this for myself:

New hat

Obviously that is not my head. It is very handy to have a hairdresser’s training tool around! This is only the second hat I have made and the first time I have used Nikki’s pattern. I used some drapery weight fabric I picked up for a very reasonable price, along with some fusible interfacing and coordinating orange cotton for the lining. I will definitely be making this again in other fabrics and trying some of the variations which are incorporated in the pattern.

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If you have a look over at my Flickr pics, you can see the hat I made for myself this week. It turned out quite well in the end, especially for a first attempt. I will definitely be making variations of this for myself, as I often wear hats and like to have a bit of variety. It will be interesting to see how it washes – most of my other hats are woven paper or straw and I’m not sure what you can do with them once they get dirty, which they inevitably do when you wear them in the garden. Oh, and when you let your children borrow them. And they eat chocolate. And transfer it to your previously pristine white hat…

The pattern I used for the hat was McCall’s M4400. As I made this on a whim, I didn’t have any interfacing handy and just used some muslin I had in stock. I also had to reduce the height of the crown as it was too big for me. The next time I make it, I think I will use medium weight interfacing for the brim and reduce the height of the crown at the pattern stage.

The main issue I had with making this hat was that I broke the needle in my sewing machine, which resulted in an unpleasant and worrisome noise. I took it in to the shop, where they prised the beloved machine from my fingers. It was quite difficult to leave it behind. When I learned that the chap wouldn’t be able to look at it until he returned from holiday some time next week I decided to retrieve it. At least I would have it in my possession. As it turned out, the very, very kind repair man was in the shop at the time and mended it for me while I waited! What an absolute gem! It was just a burr on the bobbin case, so he could do it then and there. I cannot tell you how very happy I was to have my lovely machine back safe and sound and working perfectly again. I felt rather lost without it.

Anyway, all is well now and I have heaps of projects in mind and a few orders to fulfill, too, so it is going to be a fun summer! Crowns, tutus, bedding, another kaftan, lounge pants, handbags, crayon rolls and maybe even some things for me!

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