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These are a couple of the potential new products I am working on. The design stage and preliminary mock-ups always take awhile, and some things are too time consuming or too fiddly to be practical, but I am hopeful that these will work out.

New custom camera bag

Adjustable strap

Deluxe child's apron with matching chef's hat

The camera bag is for our older daughter. We try to go for a walk every day and she really, really doesn’t enjoy it. In order to make the walks more enjoyable for her, we’ve agreed to let her borrow a camera so she can take pictures enroute. In order to protect my camera, I decided to make her a special bag with an adjustable strap so she can wear it across her body (the strap is long enough that I can carry it too). I’m also going to make a neck strap for the camera itself for when she is actively using it. The outer fabric has fusible interfacing and there is also a layer of fleece to pad the bag and protect the camera.

The apron and chef’s hat set are a gift for our younger daughter’s birthday. She loves to bake with me, but also loves playing in her own little kitchen, making soup, cleaning the stove and putting groceries away! I am going to tweak the hat a bit, but then it will be ready to add to the product range at Pip ‘n’ Milly Creations.

I made another hat using the hat pattern my Nicole Mallalieu and I love it! I altered the crown height slightly to suit me better. I used raspberry coloured corduroy for the exterior and a heavy purple satin print for the lining. I found the piece of satin at a thrift store late last year for 75 cents! It is a beautiful fabric and will make a gorgeous lining for a handbag too.

Raspberry corduroy hat

Raspberry corduroy hat with upturned brim


Happy New Year one and all! May it be the best yet!

2009 has been challenging on some fronts, but enormously satisfying and fulfilling on others. I anticipate a wonderful year ahead! I am starting the new year off with a bright new hat to bring cheer on these wet and grey days. I used the adult hat pattern by Nicole Mallalieu and made this for myself:

New hat

Obviously that is not my head. It is very handy to have a hairdresser’s training tool around! This is only the second hat I have made and the first time I have used Nikki’s pattern. I used some drapery weight fabric I picked up for a very reasonable price, along with some fusible interfacing and coordinating orange cotton for the lining. I will definitely be making this again in other fabrics and trying some of the variations which are incorporated in the pattern.

A very quick note to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy 2010! Thank you for stopping by over the year. I hope there will be many more posts in the year ahead.

The new Pip ‘n’ Milly website is now live! There are a couple of issues to resolve, but my tech-savvy husband is looking into it. The site will evolve over time to include online ordering, inventory, testimonials and the like, but for now it will serve to show my work and give a background to the company. Please stop by to check it out.

A lady approached me at the Market I participated in at the end of November and mentioned that she liked the idea of  something similar to an advent calendar for her children for Hanukkah. After various emails back and forth, lots of planning on paper and “take a deep breath and cut”, here is what I designed and made for her. She is really happy with the outcome and pleased that her children will have a fun tradition that is special for their family.

Hanukkah calendar

Hanukkah calendar with candles in the menorah

The lower section is a pocket for a gift for each day of Hanukkah. Each day the child will take one of the candles and place it in the menorah as appropriate.